Saturday, March 21, 2009

a little bit of light

A miraculous thing - the return of the sun. The light now lingers just a few moments more each day invoking a vibrancy as only the turn of a season can. I am thrilled, I tell you - thrilled, to have just a little bit of light left in the evenings to photograph again.
However, I confess I wish I'd photographed this beautiful baby bok choy the moment I brought it home. As lovely as it is here, it spent longer than I had intended just out of sight (and memory) in the fridge. Thankfully, they were hardy bundles and were put to good use with the rest of my first asparagus, a handful of shitakes, and some slivers of carrot - a decent impromptu dinner of red quinoa and spring veggies.
I have no recipe to give, only a method to share:

In a small pot, cook 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups broth or water until the liquid has been absorbed and the grain is cooked. Meanwhile, heat a bit of oil in a skillet or wok, and when hot, add your chosen vegetables in order according to cooking times (here the carrots and asparagus went in first, then the others); just before they are finished cooking, toss in a bit of minced ginger and garlic. Add a bit of soy sauce or tamari and perhaps a spoonful of cornstarch dissolved in 1/4 cup or so of broth or water to make a thicker sauce. Serve the vegetables over the quiona garnishing with a few slivered scallions.


Anna said...

I love the name of your blog! Anything with "figs" and I'm sold. Gorgeous bok choy! And I just bought my first asparagus of the season too...isn't spring exciting?

chelsea said...

Anna -
I am soooo ready for spring - I love experiencing four distinct seasons, however I find that I most enjoy the transitions from winter to spring and summer to fall - they are so invigorating!

Lucy said...

I'm with Anna - Chelsea, your bok choy babes are beautiful.

Happy spring!

Was thinking about your rhubarb jam idea and I reckon it's a winner. Would be glorious with vanilla, do you think?