Monday, October 25, 2010


Some fantastic mornings around here lately.
October's putting on quite the show.
Those gorgeous trees - leaves raining down in yellows, reds and rusty browns, watercolor morning skies, and that bewitching hunter's moon last week. It really gets one motivated.
Finally, scraping, sanding and painting this old wrap-around porch - yep, seriously motivational weather 'round here...

Monday, October 18, 2010

settling in

Can it really have been an entire month since the last post here? I suppose it must have been, as I'm sitting here, back from our short, little honeymoon, looking over photos of an autumn already in full swing:
A drive into the mountains with a view for days; all the leaves turning gold and scarlet, blue mountains stretching on and on...
One fiery tree stood out against that perfect blue sky,
over-top a rushing waterfall.
A stop in at the local brewpub - each offering had to be sampled (the miner's daughter oatmeal stout was the first to go),
while gazing out the window as the sun set behind those beloved mountains.
And then off again to a nearby patch for pumpkin picking - it's definitely October, no doubts now.
And finally, home, to find ourselves and our daily lives again - to settle in and feel the chill of autumn also settling in. And - of course - to make soup and settle into a bowl as warm and comforting as a home and your honey.
(A spinach and chickpea soup with soba noodles - adapted just a tad, from an older edition of An Honest Kitchen, and looking good for lunch all this week)
It's so nice to be back!