Sunday, February 27, 2011



I've been enjoying time away from the computer... A good many of my working hours are spent looking at the screen, and I've taken to abstaining from so much as checking my e-mail on the weekends lately. It's been liberating! No commitment, no pressure; just free, real, time to use however I wish. All I had to do was let go. I've reclaimed the weekends as my own, I suppose...

Which isn't to say that I'm leaving this space. But I have realized that I've been imposing upon myself here - creating a pressure to post even when I have nothing much to say (how silly is that?). And for a little while now, I really haven't had much to say. There's been no interest in taking pictures (is it the lack of pure sunshine this winter?), very little inspiration to do much in the kitchen other than follow a recipe (there have been some good ones though) - just a general malaise, I think. It seems to be going around too, I gather.

So I've decided to free myself of this - to let go here as well. I've made a few changes, visually, and added some new links. I'd like to open up the content and follow what inspires me - not strain to write strictly about the kitchen or the garden -though, in truth, those will probably still be the focus. This may mean that I won't be posting on a 'regular' basis because I don't want that pressure to be an influence/hindrance. But I do hope that the posts I create will be truer and more free.
p.s. the wrapper in the photo held Molly's recipe for banana bread with chocolate and crystallized ginger (in muffin form, of course) found here (though I used the recipe in her book, which is slightly different - and a little addictive...