Sunday, March 29, 2009

a little bit of lemon on a gray day

Well, I may have spoken too soon. About the light, that is. Seems I've forgotten how persistently gray and rainy early spring can be. Still, things are growing! Fields are being carpeted in that new spring grass that nearly vibrates with color and that just makes me happy. And, well, I know we need the rain.
So I've been searching for a while now for a good springy lemon recipe. Something to brighten up the kitchen on these damp days. Nothing too sweet - mind you, because it's now that time of year for transitioning in to salads and lighter fare, remembering that we should be eating more healthfully, and all that 'fresh-start' business.
It's also been good reading weather, and as I was lost in Molly's new book yesterday morning, the recipe I'd been searching for just happened to find me.
I should know by now that inspiration is not born of force. Silly girl.
The best things always seem to be unexpected (much like the weather, these days).

Molly's recipe for this lemon yogurt cake (mine was made with olive oil, as was a suggested variation) can be found here, though I used the recipe as written in her book. It's simply perfect.


Wendy said...

Wow. That looks lovely. I assume you recommend the book? I've been thinking about buying it...

Chelsea said...

Hi Wendy -

I actually finished Molly's book last night, and yeah, I think I would recommend it. If you like to read her blog you'll like the book. It's a memoir, of sorts, written in snatches, each followed by a recipe or two - and I quite enjoy her writing and have always had great sucess with her recipes.