Monday, March 29, 2010


Sunday was a gray and contemplative day. Best spent meditatively rolling pasta (for the freezer), listening to silence and waiting for the pelting of raindrops on the tin roof.
In the early evening the rain came. The sound of rain on the roof is always magnified - a gentle pour sounds torrential, deafening at times, but it can also be the perfect soundtrack for a catnap or soak in the tub. Both of which are excellent ways to spend rainy spring afternoon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

listing (and linking)

Still in a day-dreamy sort of mood, imagining completed projects, and making so many little lists (optimistic and/or realistic). The weather is definitely swinging round to spring - clocks have moved forward (interrupting sleep patterns temporarily - but it's light so much later now!), the 'wintry wreaths' have come off the doors (to be replaced with warmer, sunnier ones), snow drops and crocuses are poking up (some in random spots in the yard - curious things), and the equinox is quite close (March 20th this year)...

The urge for un-cluttering, clearing, and polishing is setting in. This little 'recipe' is on the must-give-it-a-try very, very soon list. Anything that claims to vanquish that sticky top-of-the-fridge-and-cabinet-grime merits my fullest attention. Just need to find that empty spray bottle...

The seedlings are up and some are almost begging to be transplanted (still a few weeks to go though). A 7-foot deer fence has been procured along with a motion-sensor sprinkler to help deter those wild things who like to help themselves to our little patch. A garden hose needs to be re-routed, the ground around the spigot to be laid with stone. Oh, and seed potatoes will arrive soon too - a new crop for us!

Over the weekend I tried my hand at fish and chips with much success (after putting aside that fear of frying/astonishment at the use of such a quantity of oil), but made a mess of an intriguing brown soda bread recipe - why is it things so seemingly easy are sometimes the hardest? (I don't even want to talk about biscuits.)
I've also had eye on this dish for comfort and homeyness and this dish for crunch and healthiness.

What's on your list(s)?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I keep daydreaming.The tomatoes and eggplants have been tucked into mini-greenhouses. The romanesco, kohlrabi and celeriac have sprouted. The leeks are 6-inch tall grassy fronds already. Doesn't matter that there are still a few piles of snow here and there, the garden needs to be amended and tilled, and a new fence erected. The sun's creeping back over to this part of the world and I think I can smell spring around the bend.