Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a brilliant spring preview

I started tomato and eggplant seedlings.

I know last week started with snow and school closings, but it ended in a brilliant spring preview that brought out grills, opened windows, and gave us an extra hour of daylight. And while I know the temperature has yet to settle into those gorgeous 70-degree days, one cannot deny the arrival of spring when there is asparagus this fresh to be bought.
What a delight - something green! (Fiddlehead ferns - are you listening?)

So, with The Zuni Cafe Cookbook already in mind, I decided to delve right in and try out Judy's recipe for Asparagus & Rice Soup with Pancetta and Black Pepper. (Peppered bacon stood in for the pancetta here.)
I can't think of another dish that so captures the feeling of March for me. Bright with new asparagus for those dreamy, new-earth scented days, yet still warm and smokey with lots of black pepper and bacon for those inevitable cold snaps.
It's going to be a good spring.


Lucy D said...

Beautiful. The changing of the seasons is so exciting. Hope your seedlings come along nicely.

My copy of the book is on order, flying here from goodness knows where, but I cannot wait for it to arrive.

chelsea said...

Thank you, Lucy - you won't be disapointed with the book (whenever it arrives); it's worth the wait. I bought this book years ago, and have only just begun cooking from it - I think I must have needed to absorb some of it before jumping in!

Jen said...

you have such wonderful natural lighting in all of your pictures. Are you the photographer? Great job!

chelsea said...

Thanks, Jen - yes I take all of my photographs (preferably when the sun is shining)