Wednesday, September 15, 2010

okra, jam and brussels sprouts

So... Here's a picture of those crazy okra pods I mentioned last time...Aren't they wild? With a quick visual measure, I'd say the longest are about 8 inches! They look positively tribal in the garden, still attached to their stalks.

However, what I really wanted to share is a glimpse into all the jam-making that's been happening 'round here this summer.

Nearly 200 jars (!!!) are currently stacked, awaiting our wonderful guests in a few weeks.

It's been a busy summer!

p.s. Love, love, love the brussels sprouts in this book! Do you have it? It's incredible.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

time and tofu

Time is flying.
August was a dream.
September's underway, every one's musing about fall. It will be here in a blink, you know. I know. I crunched a few acorns underfoot today, dropped and scattered on the old brick sidewalks near the office. And despite all the hub-bub around here, I managed to tear away at some of the weeds choking what little remains in the garden this past weekend. I even planted 3 small rows: wild rocket, turnips, and rapini - we'll see what happens. The insects have not been kind this year (and neither has the weather - dry as a bone for weeks now). I snapped a few sneaky okra pods that grew so large, they split their seams and dried into the most unusual rattles. Of course, no pictures...
The only thing I did manage to photograph, and really it's not the most photogenic (although delicious) of subjects, was this tofu I somehow found the time to assemble.
Perched atop a paddle-ful of leftover brown rice it made for a nice lunch in between frenzied weed-pulling and the myriad of other tasks that go with planning a wedding...