Thursday, March 24, 2011

rainy day

April showers seem to have come a couple of weeks early. A few days of chilly drizzle this week - excellent weather for watching a British murder mystery or two (maybe three), or sinking into a comfy spot with a good read (finished this one and waiting on this one).
I'll leave you for the weekend with a sunny shot from last Sunday.
Sip a Gingino and think warm and sunny thoughts. Happy Friday!


Through My Kitchen Window said...

No one can make murder mysteries like the British. I'm so in on that one! I love your top picture - really nice Chelsea. Hope you have a good weekend too. Mariana.

Chelsea said...

Ha - I'm such a sucker for a murder mystery. Thanks Mariana - hope your weekend was nice too!

molly said...

i have never heard of a gingino, but having seen this smashing pic, must investigate, asap!

Chelsea said...

Hi Molly - the gingino's not bad; I had never heard of one before either, but found the recipe while browsing the other day. I will say that it makes all the difference to use a ginger beer that you like. I prefer Fevertree or a drier, spicier type (I found Reed's to be too sweet). I've grown to really like the Italian bitters and I think this will be a good summer cocktail. Cheers!