Thursday, March 10, 2011

jasmine, radicchio and lemon panna cotta

First this sweet little bloom

that popped out with several other brave souls at some point when I wasn't looking. As did the chives that I snipped and tossed into a nice cold weather salad for Sunday dinner.
(After which I made a note to remember to do more with radicchio - far under-used in my kitchen, I realize)

Even with that 'surprise' bit of snow this Monday and all the rain heading our way, signs of spring are emerging and I'm smitten.

I love peeking at these photos of vintage linen (something about spring coming and airing out fresh laundry on the line, I suppose).

This panna cotta was (is still) amazing - bright, light and redolent of sunny days. (I did use regular lemons though, as Meyers can be hard to come by here sometimes, and I might add a little more sugar next time even though I like tart sweets...)


Through My Kitchen Window said...

Gosh it's easy to get caught up in those beautiful vintage linens. I just love country fabrics. Thank you for a lovely moment of enjoyment. And the panna cotta looked pretty damn delish too.

Chelsea said...

Thanks, Mariana - I hope you try the panna cotta; it is sooooo good (but be sure to use either the Meyer lemons or a little more sugar - mine was a little too tart).

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Okay, thanks.