Monday, November 22, 2010

i admire

I admire those bloggers who take gorgeous photos and post entertaining, witty and spontaneous tales of the past few days' events: several. times. a. week.

They're so inspiring. So industrious. And it looks like they're having so much fun!

Something funny's going on with the communication between my very old (in technology years) computer and my camera's memory card(s)...

So while there's plenty out there to read and day-dream over, I've got only a few links (no photos) to share this week...

Like this tart which sounds divine. Mmmmm anise and pumpkin!

Or this pie - sweet potato and coconut - for something familiar, but with a little twist.

Heidi has a great list of vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes too. Her crusty brussels sprouts are some of my favorites.

And of course, these made a great little breakfast Sunday with a few spoonfuls of a quick-cooked applesauce - two honeycrisps, peeled, cored and chopped and cooked down over medium heat with a spoonful of sugar and just enough cider to keep them from sticking.

Good stuff.

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is stress-free and delicious this week!


amy said...

OOO! I'm surprised I've never seen your blog before! I was wondering if it was okay to use your ginger knob picture for my blog post. (I will OBVI make reference to your blog...i seriously just want to eat my computer screen, the ginger looks so yumz).

Hope you're having a nice day :)

Chelsea said...

Hi Amy - thanks for popping in!

You're welcome to use the ginger picture; thank you for asking. I'll look forward to reading what you've got to write about!