Saturday, July 24, 2010

july's tomatoes

Principe Borghese, yellow pear, sungold, and orange-fleshed purple smudge.

How do you like to eat them?


Callipygia said...

Chelsea- No blight, terrific! We're still waiting to see what'll happen to ours. Tomato sandwiches are the best right? But my mom growing up would slice really ripe ones up and sprinkle sugar on them, more dessert like. Many years later, I saw a similar preparation in my Claudia Flemings Gramercy Tavern cookbook. Go figure.

Enjoy your july jewels!

Chelsea said...

No blight, but lots of bugs! So it goes in the heart of summer. I hope yours are doing well. I've never tried sugaring tomatoes; they are always eaten in savory ways when I get them - very interesting...
How do you do your sandwiches? I'm in heaven with toasted bread topped with a crushed tomato, some oregano, salt and pepper, and maybe a drizzle of oil - or a rub of garlic a la Viana La Place. Simply perfect.