Tuesday, July 14, 2009

simplicity in string beans

Perhaps they taste so perfect because they were so nearly ravaged. Perhaps their flavor has intensified with the anticipation.
One thing is for certain - steamed for just a moment and eaten with two fingers and a fleck or two of sea salt, each squeaky bite is bliss.

How do you like your string beans?


Through My Kitchen Window said...

I don't eat beans very often, but I would if I could get them looking as fresh, crisp and gorgeously green like yours. I cannot believe how a humble bean can look this exciting. I do like to drizzle veggies with a garlic yoghurt dressing. Adding a little mustard to the dressing would work really well too.

Chelsea said...

Those beans seemed like a miracle this year - I'm glad to have harvested any at all, let alone such pretty ones - thanks.

That garlic yogurt dressing idea does sound good - I need to make a note to try that.