Saturday, September 6, 2008

and while we're on the subject...

I just have to mention cider.

I do love fresh apple cider in the fall. There's nothing quite like it and there's probably no need to ask for anything more.

However, I've noticed slight fermentation can yield a welcome variation...
Goodness that's a tasty beverage.

Thank you J.K. Scrumpy. Thank you for making a hard cider that actually tastes like real apples. And thank you for doing so organically.

(And thank you for putting it in 22 ounce bottles - nice one!)

I feel a cider tasting is in order this fall - who's with me?


Jennifer said...

mmmm scrumpy. where did you find such a thing? and will you bring some to me next month:)?

thanks, peachy. jc

Chelsea said...

You betcha! Um, well, if I can remember. We have a great liquor store in Frederick that stocks all kinds of out of the ordinary beveridges... This cider was sooooo delicious.