Sunday, August 22, 2010

sweet things

Oh, my.

It's been a while...
The truth is that, well, there really hasn't been much going on in the kitchen lately.

Slicing a peach is about as far as it goes these days. And I'm afraid it's going to be like this for a little while.

Because, after ten years (yikes!) -
we're getting married in just a few weeks!


jill said...

Great Pic. Are you going to put that in the paper?

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Ohh congratulations Chelsea. I havent been around in blogland and just dropped in to check on some favs. I have missed quite a bit. Good luck with the upcoming wedding and will check back to see how it went. You look like a gorgeous couple. I hope you have a smooth and happy lead up to the day.

Chelsea said...

Oh, Jill, you know we're not that traditional... ;)

Thank you so much, Mariana - nice to hear from you again! I'm sure I'll be sharing more as the date approaches.

Yeon said...
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