Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hope after cookies

I don't want to alarm you with the dangerous quantities of butter and sugar that sit in random spots throughout the kitchen these days, so I have no photos today.

Cookie sheets and rolling pins, batter bowls and spatulas are the tools currently employed - the poor neglected soup pot (normally a fixture on the stove top) has actually found its way back into the cabinet! I say this with humor because it is a joy to bake for the holidays, but a little tricky to balance the baking with the cooking of an honest-to-goodness dinner. Lately I've managed, somehow, to stir up a pot of vegetarian chili and another of a mediocre coconut curry with cauliflower and potatoes - nothing to whet the appetite, really. I do have a vision of a golden, spinach-packed spanakopita, or possibly an earthy mushroom and cashew pie. There may be hope after cookies...

But while we're speaking of sweets, how extraordinary is this dessert?

I'm working up the courage to give it a try.


smoo said...

Hope you do make the stump. Would love to see it. At least make the cute little meringue mushrooms.

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Oh please, go right ahead and alarm me. Loads of butter and cream in my neck of the woods at the moment. I feel better knowing that there is lots of naughtiness going on in our kitchens. I think it has something to do with Christmas and birthday parties. hehe.

Chelsea said...

I'll surely post pictures and the saga for the stump, smoo. I imagine it will be quite an undertaking... I'm on schedule to try making those cute little mushrooms tomorrow! (a good snow-day project, I think)

Good to know I'm not alone with these decadent ingredients, Mariana. You, of course, have much to celebrate with such yummy things!

emma wallace said...

That stump is the most decadent-looking thing in the world! I adore malt and chocolate!

And large quantities of butter and sugar!