Sunday, November 22, 2009

busy, busy, busy

So many little projects going on around here lately.
I've had little to no time to spend puttering in the kitchen. Meals are eaten amid balls of yarn and boxes of t-pins (very carefully). Seeding a pomegranate the other morning was a small accomplishment, but little else has been fussed over - quick (and healthy) meals don't seem to be my specialty. So, what do you eat when your kitchen time is limited? I'd love to know, as this is just the beginning of a most busy time of year...


Yeon said...

These are the items that I was just going through in my mind for dinner. Just got home and too tired to cook anything elaborate:

1. Stir-frying whatever is in the fridge with cooked rice
2. Home-made lasagna in the freezer
3. Home-made meatballs in the freezer
4. Ramen (a Korean brand that I like) with lots of veggies and some protein thrown in. Maybe will add a couple of frozen dumplings
5. Some left-over soup and side dishes in the fridge

I still have quite a bit of work to do tonight, and it is chilly and rainy outside... so some kind of soup will be nice.

Through My Kitchen Window said...

I can well and truly empathise. Open grill toasted multigrain sandwiches work for me with things like avocado, spanish onion, cheese, pineapple, tomato, bacon, ham, chicken, shallots or anything marinated like capsicum and eggplant. I can usually come up with different conconctions.

And the old pasta comes to the rescue quite a bit as well. Try sauteeing some grated zucchini or eggplant with onion or green shallots, loads of parsley and pasta with olive oil. Squeeze of lemon and crushed garlic too. I'm getting hungry now.

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much, girls - these ideas are so welcome; some nights I just stare at the pantry, not really even seeing what's in there. Someone else's ideas are just what I need.

I do admit I have a stash of ramen in the cabinet; that's always an option, and those open-face sandwiches - yum! I'd have never thought of that.

Callipygia said...

Ack, I saw a small container full of arils at Whole Foods for $11- Hmmm. I do these mix and match dinners. I'll have a pot of plain quinoa, then another of sauteed kale and garlic, I usually have avocados on hand, and for additional protein I might hard boil eggs, or have chicken breasts at the ready...So dinner will be an assemblage of the aforementione, which I will pour a litte sesame oil/tamari dressing over. Sprinkled pumpkin seeds. You get the picture. I find that each component is easy, and when you have enough of them, you can vary the meal with a little more of this and less of that! Your fiber work looks lovely bytheway..,

Oh too, I'm a sucker for tins of anchovies or sardines- frozen sunshine burgers, and a can of black beans can be doctored up quickly to eat over rice...