Saturday, September 12, 2009

eating purple cauliflower

I steamed the purple cauliflower,
and then, as suggested, made a version of Mostly Eating's recipe for Vivid Cauliflower and White Bean Puree (the timing for which could not have been better!).
Using a few scoops of leftover white beans which had been cooked in their liquid with some sauteed leeks and fennel in place of the canned butter beans, and swapping a bit of chevre (only about 2 oz.) for the tahini (as that's what was on hand), we served it up on some grilled rosemary bread and scattered the tops with a few snips of chives. We ate it alongside small bowls of chunky tomato soup, curled on the sofa, quite contented. It really was the perfect thing for the cool, early fall evening.
Thanks to both Lucy and Sophie for the inspired suggestion and the perfectly-timed recipe!


Lucy said...

It's incredibly beautiful and yay - big yay - to keeping that colour so vivid!

Rosemary bread...that's exactly what I will use as the base for mine (when the get big enough, that is!).

Sophie said...

Your rendition sounds lovely Chelsea - goats cheese would go so much better with tomato soup than tahini.

Very pleased to see that the colour held so well on your version too. It's just such an amazing colour for food to turn out!

kathryn said...

I can't get over the colour! I saw the original post on Sophie's site and now your version of the puree - how absolutely gorgeous it is. I like the changes and tweaks you've made, especially the bit of tahini in there. Perfect food to eat while curled up on the couch.

Chelsea said...

Thanks all!

That color is incredible. I was tickled to see it held after steaming. I think the vibrance comes through in the eating - a colorful plate is invigorating physically and mentally, I'd say.

Callipygia said...

The recipe tis inspired! Always intrigued at the market, but never brought home the purple flower. Shocking, like those purple potatoes...otherworldly!