Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yunnanese Potatoes

June is a whirlwind; the lettuce just keeps coming - collards and chard and snow peas too. The beets are surfacing, the melons and squashes are all stretching out along the ground. Corn is growing taller each day and the garlic is nearly ready for curing. In the midst of all this, a quick (unfortunately blurry) dinner of pan-fried potatoes makes good use of the just-cut garlic scapes and snips of the ever-plentiful chives.
Adjusted from the recipe for Quick and Tasty Yunnanese Potatoes in this book (which I cannot seem to put down), they are simple new potatoes - parboiled, allowed to cool, then pressed between the palms and fried with plenty of chopped green onions, garlic scapes and chives in little mixture of chili-spiked coconut and mustard oils.

Quite pleasing, indeed.


smoo said...

Chili-spiked coconut sounds like my new favorite thing.

Chelsea said...

I'm really enjoying cooking with coconut oil these days. And,of course, my red pepper flakes are never out of reach ;)

Just a dash in the hot oil (I added some mustard seed oil too - very tasty!) adds great flavor; just don't inhale too closely. A coughing fit might ensue... (not that I would know anything about that...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, we seem to be on the same wavelength. I too have been into the coconut oil, and actually did a version of my flattened potatoes in it...tho I think I preferred the olive oil ones!-Callipygia

Chelsea said...


Hi, thanks for stopping by... I'd love to hear about what you've been making with coconut oil.
I have to say, you really can't beat olive oil - I have such envy for those who can come by it locally.