Thursday, April 30, 2009


Really, what can I say?

I'm still tickled.

Over these:

I really don't even have words to describe my enthusiasm. I'd like to just type paragraphs of exclamation points. Is that over the top? I don't care! Can you believe I came away from the market with this treasure of just-foraged morels?!?! This is the first time I can ever remember seeing wild mushrooms at a local farmer's market, and curiously I had just recently discussed this lack of fungi with a few sympathizers. Happy to be proven wrong. Thank you foragers!
Seems a bit cruel to cut up such glorious haul, but trust me. Or rather, trust Alice. This salad is divine. Coupled with a handful of herb-roasted new potatoes and a cool glass of wine - bliss. Roasted Wild Mushroom Salad with Parmesan

from Alice Water's Chez Panisse Vegetables


Yeon said...

Wow! That's amazing! I feel so jealous!

Chelsea said...

And you know what's really sad? This past Sunday I didn't see any more at the market! I hope I just didn't look hard enough - surely they'll be there again. I believe.

smoo said...

I hoped maybe we would see some at our market but alas no.